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1.04530//0044500-EW.h Piston & Pin OM352-Std-3*3*3*5.5*5.5M

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Keep your Mercedes truck running strong with a top-quality piston replacement. This genuine Mercedes Truck Piston is precision-engineered to meet the demanding specifications of your engine, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.

Here’s why you’ll love this piston:

Genuine Mercedes-Benz quality: Manufactured to the same exacting standards as the original equipment, ensuring perfect fit and function.
Enhanced durability: Crafted from high-strength aluminum alloy to withstand the intense heat and pressure of your engine.
Improved performance: Optimized design promotes efficient combustion and maximum power output.
Reduced emissions: Meets strict emission standards for cleaner, more environmentally friendly operation.
Longer lifespan: Engineered for extended wear and tear, reducing maintenance costs.
Compatible with a wide range of Mercedes truck models: